Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Better to Have Blogged and (B)lost

I have started many a blog in my day. It's like being an entrepreneur, without the financial overhead of actually starting a real business. I come up with kites of many a vision, but have never been able to get any of them really flying.

Some of my ideas were for professional development, like my desire to be a wedding planner or the never-launched Hired Up! (an attempt at resume advice, interview tips, and networking guidance). Some were more for fun, like 10 Dollar Date -- a think tank for romantic dates on a shoestring -- my favorite idea that never left the parking lot. I transformed into Shanna Suburbia as I gradually became a fanatic for food and lifestyle. Like my events blog, this too lasted scarcely over a year before circumstances pushed my writing off my plate.

Being a boomerang kid sucks, but I started looking for a way out. I have a day job that I'm not going to say much about, but I do a lot on the side. Yay, permanent sleep deprivation! (Not.) I started getting really involved with a really awesome Toastmasters Club, interned on the amazing Dragon Age: Redemption project, and have recently decided it was time to try my hand at YouTube stardom.

When thinking about my new persona, ShannAwesome, and what I wanted this blog to be about, I realized that maybe I was thinking too hard. Maybe my blog should just reflect me and if it talks about 100 different things in 100 different fields and 100 different ways, so be it. Scatterbrained or creative genius? You be the judge.

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